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Relying on Sub-Contractors to Grow a Video Production Business

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Great Video Production Can Result in Less

KRE8-Insights-AGreatVideoProductionMayResultinLessProfit KRE8-Insights-AGreatVideoProductionMayResultinLessProfit Ebook AGreatVideoProductionMayResultInLessProfit

A “Great” Video Production May Result In Less Profit

In a conversation with some videographer buddies, I touched on the idea that “good enough may be the enemy of great but that great can often be the enemy of profit.” I had a good dialogue with those guys but wanted to extend my thoughts to the entire KRE8 Insider family.

For the most part, I’m a perfectionist. I want every shot, edit, deliverable, meeting, etc. to be absolutely perfect where everyone leaves ecstatic about their experience with my company…period. This is the standard I’ve used my entire professional life. It’s worked out pretty well up to this point. Read More→


KRE8-Insights-TipsforRunningaMoreProductiveVideoBusiness KRE8-Insights-TipsforRunningaMoreProductiveVideoBusiness Ebook TipsforRunningaMoreProductiveVideoProductionBusiness

Tips for Running a More Productive Video Business

Producing great work on a deadline is hard enough. Now add all the crap that goes into actually running your video production business and things can get pretty complicated.

Here are a few things you can do to make running your company easier so you can spend more time doing what you love or at least what you know will create the most benefit for your bottom line. Read More→